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About the Law Office of Gregory S. Parvin

Criminal Defense & Personal Injury Attorneys in Alaska

The Law Office of Gregory S. Parvin is a trusted name for personal injury and criminal defense in Alaska. Our firm provides a full range of trial litigation services including DUI/OUI defense, motor vehicle accidents, wrongful death cases, drug offenses and more.

At The Law Office of Gregory S. Parvin, our clients’ problems are our problems. We fight tirelessly to get every single one of them every last dollar they deserve, as a result of the injuries they have endured.

Meet Gregory S. Parvin

Mr. Parvin is a trial lawyer who has devoted his professional life to representing Alaskans in courts throughout the State. Since being admitted to the Alaska Bar in 1998, he has litigated countless cases in most State Courts and the Alaska Federal Court. His trial practice focuses on negligence, wrongful death, fraud and misrepresentation and criminal defense. In 2014, Greg was co-counsel in the matter of RDS v. Trimble Navigation where his client was awarded one of the largest compensatory verdicts in Alaska History and the 40th largest verdict in the United States for 2014–$51,300,000.

Mr. Parvin’s professional experience is as varied as his various life experience. He graduated from the Marquette University School of Law (1997) and Villanova University (1990) where he obtained his BA. During the 1990’s, before attending law school, he worked as a high school English teacher and as a deckhand on various commercial fishing vessels, longlining for halibut in the Gulf of Alaska, seining for salmon in Prince William Sound and crabbing in the Bering Sea out of Dutch Harbor.

He worked as a temporary staff attorney for the Alaska Court of Appeals, as a Law Clerk for the Hon. Eric T. Sanders, for a private law firm in Nome, then for the Office of Public Advocacy in Palmer. During those same years, he found a passion for running and training sled dogs. In 2005 he finished the Iditarod and is a member of the Iditarod Official Finishers’ Club.

While he is no longer running his own team, he remains involved in the mushing community. He is a Board Member for the Jr. Iditarod, a member of the Iditarod Rules Committee, Race Marshal for the Copper Basin 300 and Race Judge for the Yukon Quest.

Meet Ginger Curet

Ginger is a valued member of our team. She has been all over the country on a life journey that finally led her to the Law Office of Gregory S. Parvin, here in beautiful Wasilla, AK. She moved to Alaska in 2012 but had many stops along the way including time spent living in Louisiana, Texas, and Virginia.

Ginger earned her Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Development from the University of the Incarnate Word in 2018. She has multiple additional years of supplemental schooling in Education, Global Business Management, Team Building, and Mentorship Strategies from a variety of different sources such as open-source learning platforms, university, and professional and personal mentorships.

Ginger worked in the medical arena from 2000-2019 in direct patient care and non-clinical roles, including administrative and management positions. She is also a business owner, catering and providing personal meal service through AlaskCajun Enterprises on the side. Ginger strongly believes in rehabilitation over punishment for a host of socially connected community issues. She even worked in program development and direct patient care in the Mat-Su Valley Opioid Task Force’s Lazarus Project for about a year and a half, where she was focused on addiction medicine and breakthrough therapies for recovery from opioids.

A Cajun girl through and through, Ginger was born and raised on the bayous of south Louisiana. She found herself a Cajun boy whom she happily calls her husband and they have two children together. Her family does not stop there – she has a small farm of dogs, a cat, two rabbits, chickens, quail, geese, and ducks, and she loves them dearly. Ginger is a lover and advocate of the arts, always taking in literature, music, movies, live theater, concerts, comedy, and art shows. She is in love with the ocean and aquariums are a favorite destination. With all the traveling she has done and her connection to nature, it is no wonder that she loves to camp, fish and travel in her free time.

Meet Gary

Gary is a Standard Poodle puppy and about 6 months old. He goes everywhere with Greg, makes initial introductions with new clients easy, and brings a smile to the face of those visiting our office during some of the worst times in their lives. We don’t often meet with people when their lives are going well – often they are in tears or very emotional about the reason(s) they have landed in an attorney’s office; Gary makes the day brighter, offers love and snuggles and fun, and reminds us all that even amid life’s storms there are ways to find the sunshine.

For more information about our law firm in Wasilla, AK or to schedule a free consultation, please call us today at 907-376-2800. We are proud to serve clients throughout the Mat-Su Valley and across Alaska.